Natural Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic condition resulting from higher than normal blood glucose levels. It is characterized by extreme hunger, intense thirst, frequent urination and an unexplained weight loss.

There is no cure for diabetes mellitus. Hence treatment is focused on the effective management of the blood glucose levels and prevention of diabetic complications. Type 1 diabetes mellitus is treated with insulin injections . Type 2 diabetes mellitus is treated with oral tablets. Insulin injections are prescribed for type 2 diabetics only if blood glucose levels are higher than normal even after taking regular medications, healthy diet and exercise. Apart from anti-diabetic tablets and insulin injections there are some excellent natural remedies for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Some of the natural and herbal remedies are as follows:

Bitter Gourd Juice

Ayurveda is the ancient medical system in India. Leading Ayurvedic texts like Charak Samhita have recommended the daily intake of bitter gourd juice for the control of blood sugar levels. Type 2 diabetics continue to produce insulin but the body cells do nt effectively respond to the insulin leading to decreased absorption f glucose. This causes elevated blood glucose levels. Bitter gourd acts as a mediator between body cells and insulin thereby helping them to absorb more glucose and effectively control the blood glucose level.

Homeopathic remedies

There are some excellent homeopathic remedies like syzygium jambolanum and terebinthinum which can help in controlling the blood glucose level. But these remedies must be taken after consulting your homoeopath as well as your doctor.

Meditation and Relaxation techniques

Emotional stress is often linked with elevated blood glucose levels in people suffering from diabetes mellitus. Certain life changing events like divorce, death of a close relative or financial loss create anxiety and depression in the affected individuals. These negative emotions like suppressed anger, grief, depression tend to elevate the blood glucose levels. Hence practicing meditation, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques is important to achieve a calm state of mind.

The natural remedies listed above must be taken after consultation with your doctor and natural therapist. These remedies are not a substitute for the existing anti-diabetic medication and insulin injections, but these remedies need to be taken along with the conventional line of treatment.

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Lifestyle changes go a long way in the natural and effective management of diabetes. Some lifestyle changes that need to be made for control of diabetes are as follows:

Healthy eating plan

It is very necessary to follow a healthy eating plan. You must have at least 5 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruits daily. The fruits and vegetables are full of fiber which keeps the body full for longer and the person can easily avoid the temptation to overeat. This helps in effective management of weight as obesity is one of the aggravating factors in diabetes mellitus. It is important to have a balanced diet and avoid eating foods high in saturated fats like dairy products and fries foods. Foods need to be cooked in good quality cooking oils like olive oil which are high in unsaturated fats that have a beneficial effect on the heart.

Regular exercise

Walking is the best exercise. Regular exercise helps in a healthy weight loss and helps to manage diabetes effectively.

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