Treatment for Arrhythmias

Arrhythmia is an irregular heart beat. . Arrhythmia can occur with other symptoms or arrhythmia can be present silently, without any symptoms. In such cases the arrhythmia is diagnosed at a regular medical checkup or with the help of an ECG.

In a healthy heart arrhythmia can be caused by a number of reasons such as physical exertion, sudden emotional upsets, anxiety , stress or a sudden rush of adrenaline as a result of fear or excitement. This type of heart arrhythmia typically feels like a skipped beat, followed by a heavy thud. The occasional presence of an irregular heart beat generally does not affect the health and well being of an individual.

However, if the person suffering form arrhythmia reports persistent episodes of arrhythmia then he should consult his heath care professional, who in turn may refer the patient to a cardiac surgeon for further investigations and treatment. In cases where arrhythmia is accompanied with other symptoms such as dizziness, sudden pain in the left side of the chest, heart region and left shoulder, difficulty in breathing and fainting, the affected individual should immediately seek urgent medical assistance.


Arrhythmia can be caused as a result of a number of reasons. Many people suffer from arrhythmia but it is not associated with any other cardiac diseases or heath problems. In other cases, it is extremely important to determine the cause of arrhythmia and also to carry out laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures to investigate any underlying health problems. In people who suffer from arrhythmia but who are otherwise healthy, no treatment is needed. Some of the common forms of treatment for arrhythmia are listed below.


A pacemaker is a small electric device that sends small electrical impulses to the heart muscle. The electric impulses stimulate the heart muscle and help to maintain a stable heart rate. The main function of the pacemaker is to prevent the heart from beating too slowly. It is especially useful in case of heart block.


Another important device that is used to maintain a stable heart rate is the defibrillator. This is a highly sophisticated device and it is manly used to treat ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation. When the heart is beating dangerously fast or irregularly, a higher energy shock may be delivered to the heart muscle to restore a normal rhythm.

Electrophysiology study

Electrophysiology study is a type of cardiac surgery. The main aim of this surgery is to detect the site of arrhythmia in the heart. This is carried out with the help of highly sophisticated instruments and advanced technology. After locating the site of the arrhythmia, it is eliminated with the help of bursts of radio frequency energy.

Lifestyle changes

When a person is diagnosed to be suffering from arrhythmia, then he needs to make certain lifestyle changes. These include limiting the intake of caffeine. He needs to take steps to quit smoking and avoid heavy consumption of alcohol or episodes of binge drinking.

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