What You Should Know About MultiVitamins

What You Should Know About MultiVitamins

Since the first multi-vitamin tablet was introduced in 1934 by the Nutrilite Company, multivitamins have become very popular. Most people now use multivitamins to supplement their diet. Those people who are extremely busy and have no time to look for foods such as fresh vegetables; will more often than not find themselves shopping for that tablet to supplement their diet. Most of the multivitamins are a combination with dietary mineral.

Are There Multivitamins for Different Categories of People?

The answer to this question is yes. Multivitamins are manufactured to meet the different needs of various groups of people. There are multivitamins for kids, adults, the aged, those with diabetes among others. One should find the multivitamin proper for them.

Benefits Associated With Taking Multivitamins

Multivitamins are taken to supplement or compliment a diet or provide a vitamin that one may not be consuming or is consuming in lower quantities than those recommended. Multivitamins have many benefits especially for those people who are always busy throughout the day and have no time to visit the green grocers’ shop to buy all the fresh foods that contain vitamins. Such a person has got five minutes only to pass by the pharmacy to buy multivitamin tablets. However for the tablets to work one must buy the right ones according to their specific needs. A good example is one of iron supplement; unlike a lady a man will require less iron in the body, likewise for kids they do not require a lot of mineral supplement as most of their foods are fortified.

Are There Any Side Effects To Taking MultiVitamins?

Just like any other medicine multivitamins may or may not cause any side effects. If taken according to your age or requirements and in the right quantity they are unlikely to cause any side effects. However, there are those few people who will experience different side effects. In the category of those who will experience side effects, there are those who will experience minor and others severe side effects. If you experience any severe side effects you should consult a doctor immediately also persistent minor side effects may call for a doctor. If you have any query on side effects you should consult a medical practitioner. Taking too much of multivitamins can lead to side effects such as stomach cramping, dizziness or nausea. For example it is rumored that too much of selenium can lead to hair loss. Intake of multivitamins can also result in allergic reactions. These range from mild to very intense reactions. Mild reactions include itchiness while intense ones include swollen face or lips. If any allergic reaction is experienced one should discontinue use and seek for medical advice.

Brands of Multivitamins

There are many multivitamin brands available in the market most of which are poorly manufactured with low absorption rate. There is therefore need for one to accustom themselves with the best available brands or they will be wasting their money on poor quality multivitamins. One can ask advice from a qualified health professional.

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