Home Remedies to Help You Get Rid of Back Acne

Home Remedies to Help You Get Rid of Back Acne

Back acne is one of those conditions that often go unnoticed; they are also harder to treat. Generally noticing pimples or acne formation can be nearly impossible until you sense itchiness and irritation in that area. Acne tends to appear out of nowhere; the worst part is that since there are so many causes of acne development you cannot determine, what exactly caused the acne. For example it could be caused due to hormonal imbalance, changes in the weather, stress or just genetically passed on. The process of back acne formation works pretty much the same way as acne development anywhere else on the body, the basic difference is that acne on the body tends to be more difficult to treat since the oil gets clogged deeper into the pores of the skin making it a dilemma to clear out the bacteria.

Some habits that can cause back acne

Usually when you are breaking a sweat during a workout the trapped heat and sweat tends to block the pores of your skin leading to acne. Aside from that wearing certain fabrics especially those of synthetic fibers can cause irritation and red bumps to start appearing on the skin. Wearing tight clothes can be trendy and make you look amazing however if you are suffering from acne you should try wearing loose clothes.

Some good old remedies for your acne

In terms of mild acne, over the counter medication works best, the most common and well known treatments being benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Both work well towards abating acne conditions. For back acne it would be important to keep the pores unclogged so taking a bath often would be useful. When taking a bath, scrub the dirt and oil from your back, since rinsing your skin will not be enough, however be careful not to scrub the affected areas a lot since it can cause the acne to spread further and make matters worse for you. It would also be favorable to apply skin cleansers or medicated cream on the affected areas before and after the bath so that the treatment proves to be effective. If the acne is not severe these certain simple steps can make a lot of difference to your skin problem. The key to an effective remedy is to make sure you regularly follow through with the treatment and you take good care of your health, hygiene and above all your skin.

“The doc is always right”

If your back acne does not get better in a few weeks or if it gets worse it is probably better to consult a doctor. It is always smarter to ask an expert rather than opt for self treatment. The good side to that is you will know exactly what the problem is; the necessary steps to treat it and you will not end up hurting yourself.

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