The Importance of Vitamin C for Our Bodies

The Importance of Vitamin C for Our Bodies

For our bodies to work well they need several minerals in the body. The minerals must be balance to avoid the body being weak. One of the most important minerals needed by the body is vitamin c which is required by the body as it acts as an anti oxidant. It also acts as catalysts against some body enzyme functions.

By eating a good balanced diet, you can have the mineral in your body. There are several foods that when eaten will give our body vitamin c. Some of the common sources of these are the papayas, bell peppers, strawberries, broccoli, pineapples, oranges, kale the kiwi fruit, Brussels sprouts and cantaloupe. When taking food, each person should make sure that they at least get foods rich in vitamins in the diet.

People who lack these essential vitamins in the body can know it if they have a poor wound healing ability even from the smallest of them. Such people will often be attacked by cold and other infections in the body. If you are attacked by any lung infections, this is also a symptom of lacking this essential nutrient.

There are several benefits of having enough vitamin c in the body. One of the benefits is that it aids in the absorption of iron in the body. This is by acting as a catalyst to improve the time for our bodies to make use of the iron which is another important mineral in the body.

In addition when we have enough vitamin c, then we will be able to have enough collagen in our body. It has been known that these important supplement found in the bone is made as a catalyst from the mineral supplements. It also aids in the manufacture of tendons, cartilage and many connecting tissues in the body. After they have been made they have to be maintained and this is done by vitamin c.

It has also been known that our cardiovascular systems are maintained by the use of vitamin c. This is achieved by making the fat metabolism work well while at the same time making sure that our body tissues are protected against deterioration. A good metabolic rate helps us avoid heart diseases.

Another important benefit of the vitamin is to prevent cancer diseases in the body. Some cancers like cervix cancer, colon, larynx mouth and lung cancer can be protected if we take enough vitamin c in the body. Other functions which have been associated with the mineral are used in maintaining our skin and glands. Our nervous system cannot function well if we fail to take these minerals.

It is recommended that every day a person should at least take 500 milligrams of the minerals. This can be achieved by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. In case one is unable to get it from food, then they can visit a doctor who will prescribe some supplements containing the minerals.

Because of the importance of the nutrient in the body, it is mandatory that we utilize the available foods to get vitamin c. Because when taken in good amounts, it will help to protect our body against various diseases thus increase our immunity.

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