Natural Cure for Pinworms

Pinworm infections are generally harmless. Natural cure for pinworms includes following hygienic practices and maintaining a healthy diet.

Avoiding sugars and a diet full of sweets is important in the treatment of pinworms

Pinworms, or for that matter any kind of worms, thrive on a diet full of sugars and sugary foods. These days fruit and vegetable juices are readily available in supermarkets. These fruit juices are often advertised as healthy replacements for fruits and vegetables. However, the fruit juices have high sugar content and are a breeding ground for the pinworms. Also, fruit bars and fruit jellies, claiming to be full of dietary fiber are readily available, but they are high in sugar and refined carbohydrates and may delay the cure of pinworm infection. Another treat for children is lollies and chocolates, which again provide empty calories and are sugary. Parents need to encourage children to drink plain water instead of fruit cordials and fizzy drinks.

Eating a high fiber diet boosts immunity and helps to cure pinworm infection

The diet should be rich in fiber. Hence parents must include fruits and vegetables in the diet of children. In order to encourage the children to eat more fruits, they can cut the fruits in different shapes and sizes so as to make them more appealing to their children. A high fiber diet provides the necessary nutrition and boosts the immunity of the child, which in turn helps in fighting the pinworm infestation. It is also important to include pulses, legumes and grains in the diet as they are rich in proteins as well as fiber.

Probiotic Supplements help to fight the pinworm infection

Probiotic supplements are the ones that encourage the growth of good bacteria in the body. These good bacteria offer natural protection to the body, against potentially harmful organisms, including pinworms. So, it is advisable to include probiotic supplements in the diet. However, you need to consult your pharmacist and health care professional before starting the daily recommended dose of the probiotic supplements.

Garlic cloves must be consumed regularly as a natural cure for pinworms

Garlic is one of the most useful spices in the world and has been used since centuries because of its great medicinal value.. Garlic cloves have been found to be useful in case of pinworm treatment. Mash garlic cloves and add some honey to them. Have the mixture, 2-3 times in a day, for two to three weeks. Garlic cloves can also be consumed directly by crushing it and drinking it with water.

Preventing recurrent pinworm infections

In order to prevent recurrent pinworm infections and also to protect other family members from getting infected with the pinworms, the following measures must be followed:

  1. Trim the fingernails regularly as pinworms lodge in the nails.
  2. Wash hands properly before eating food.
  3. Keep the anal area clean as the pinworm eggs cause itching of the anal area.
  4. Wash the bed clothes and the underwear in hot water to kill the pinworm eggs.
  5. Wash the toilet seat properly with the use of a good disinfectant soap.

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