What is Bruxism?

Bruxism basically means the grinding, gnashing or clenching of your teeth. Most people generally do it unconsciously while under stress or during deep sleep.

Bruxism affects the teeth and the structures surrounding the teeth and so it is both a dental and medical condition. Teeth grinding is a fairly common condition in both children and adults and usually happens during sleep.

Bruxism is a result of either stress or the misalignment of your teeth. After determining the exact cause of an individuals bruxism, it is fairly easy to treat the condition. If the cause is due to stress and psychological issues, then medicines can be prescribed and a consultation can be made with a psychologist for therapy. If the cause of your bruxism is due to your teeth not aligning properly with each other, a visit to the dentist can help with teeth alignment procedures or enamel protection or mouth guard.

Grinding of the teeth may cause problems with the jaw, mouth, face, denture and the teeth. Excessive teeth grinding can also sometimes cause headaches and earaches.

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